The College of Education (CEd) is lodged in three (3) buildings; namely, the main college building, the Home Making Building and the Secondary Building. The main college building is located in the 1st street of the campus. Built in 1990, the building is a two - storey center of CEd's academic activities where the CEd Accreditation Center and the College Faculty Office are found. In aggregate, this building is equipped to support 600 students.

College of Education

CEd Goals

  1. Promote quality teacher education programs;

  2. Enhance excellent instruction with improved school facilities

  3. Develop relevant teacher education curricula specializing in science and mathematics ;

  4. Accredited the College of Science Education programs;

  5. Provide students with rich experience that reinforce their knowledge and... Read More

23 January 2019
 CSU-CEd Send-off 283 Teaching Interns in Various DepEd Schools

Caraga State University, College of Education send-off 283 practice teachers for practice teaching in various elementary and high schools in...



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