What do I do when I lose or forget my ID?

Loss of id should be reported immediately to the OSAS.  The OSAS receives lost ids regularly.  A student who lost his/her id must check at the OSAS if his/her id has been turned over.  If not, a student must secure a temporary id.  If after three (3) days your id has not been recovered, apply for an id replacement.  If your id is damaged, apply for an id replacement immediately from the OSAS.

Students must take good care of their CSU id and ensure that it is not used by others, damaged, or lost.  In case, the id is damaged or lost, the following penalties apply:

A.   Lost id
      1.    First instance: P150.00
      2.    Second instance: P300.00
      3.    Third  and subsequent instances: P450.00

B.   Damaged id
      1.    A penalty of P200.00 will be charged for ids that are damaged through the negligence of the student.
      2.    ids with damage brought about by the normal wear and tear, like fading ink, will be replaced after payment of P150.00.

Procedure for Applying for a Replacement id Due to Loss
      1.    Submit a notarized Affidavit of Loss to the OSAS.  A payment slip will be issued to the requesting student.
      2.    Pay the necessary amount at the Cashier’s Office.
      3.    Present official receipt of payment to the OSAS.  A Temporary id will be issued to the student until the new id is available.
      4.    Pick up the new id after 1 to 2 working days.

When a student forgets his/her id, he/she must obtain a Temporary id from the OSAS.

A Temporary id/Certification may be obtained from the OSAS if a student’s id is temporarily unavailable, for example, if it was inadvertently left at home.  A temporary id is valid only for one (1) day, unless otherwise specified by the OSAS.  A temporary id is issued after payment of a P50.00 fine.

Procedure for Applying for a Temporary ID
1.    Request for a Temporary id from the OSAS and present any other valid id (with photo and signature, for example, a driver’s license, postal id, voter’s id, etc.)
2.    A Charge Slip will be given to the student to facilitate payment
3.    Pay the necessary amount at the Cashier’s Office
4.    Present the Charge Slip and the official receipt of payment to the OSAS to claim the Temporary ID


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