Research and Development Networks

Caraga State University is an active member of various R&D consortia such as:

Caraga Consortium for Agriculture, Forestry and Resources Research and Development (CCARRD)

As the base agency of CCARRDCaraga State University is actively involved in the various programs and activities of the consortium. It actively participates in the S&T Anchor Program for Caraga Region -   the ITP-Based R&D Support Program led by DENR-13. It also supports the K-Agrinet Program of  the consortium by establishing its own Techno-Pinoy Center or the Farmers' Information and Technology Services (FITS) Center, based at the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR). In partnership with CCARRD, Caraga State Universitywas able to establish new linkages and generate additional resources for its R&D activities. These include among others the Biodiversity Archiving and Assessment Project funded by CEPF and the Socioeconomic Profiling in Eastern Mindanao Corridor funded by CI-Philippines.

Moreover, some faculty members of the University are state beneficiaries of the training and other capability building programs sponsored and organized by CCARRD.

For more information about the Consortium, you can visit their website at

Caraga Regional Agriculture R&D Network

The state institute, as part of the Agriculture R&D Network of Caraga Region, supports in the review  of R&D proposals and related activities initiated by the Caraga Regional Integrated Agricultural Research Center (CARIARC). With its linkage to the network, the institute was able to generate research funds from DA-BAR. Presently, DA-BAR funds the study on the Design and Fabrication of a Mechanical Banana Chipper and Dryer.

CHED Zonal Research Center  for Mindanao

Caraga State University benefited through the training and other capability building efforts of the network. The biodiversity conservation and management field activity which aims to train faculty-researchers on actual field sampling is one of these. Likewise, the center provides opportunity to strengthen Caraga State University's capability through its programs, i. e. travel grants (for paper/poster presentation at the national level) and publication support.


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